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Dandenong Star Bakery PLY LTD

* Afghan Naan in Melbourne
* Persian Bread in Melbourne
* Roghani Naan (bread)
* Barbari Bread
* Taftan Bread
* Lavash
* Over 10 years experience
For a prompt, reliable, and friendly service call
Aman Ramamazi
Phone: 0470 091 131
Address: 12 Buckley St Noble Park Victoria 3174

Dandenong Star Bakery

At Dandenong Star Bakery delivering quality and distinctive Afghan and Persian breads (Naan) to our numerous customers is our top priority and that is why we ensure that we collect only unique and special products at all times. we cook fresh Persian bread and Afghan Naan in Melbourne. You can buy our products from Afghan, Persian, and Arabic stores in Melbourne.

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